Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Wolfpack in action

Saturday's Wolfpack: Firas, Aaron, Jeff, Chris, JDP, Diego, Travis, Me, Jeremy, Randal.

Today was the first meeting of the Wolfpack at Barton Springs. We met at 7:00 AM and hit up our first swim WOD ever... 

200m swim,
2 rounds of:
25 kettlebell swings (24 kg),
25 kettlebell squats,
25 kettlebell snatch (right),
25 kettlebell snatch (left),
25 kettlebell pushups,
finish with 200m swim. 

Time: 31:00.

This WOD was definitely SIC. I haven't tested myself in water in a long time, and it definitely showed this morning... No worries! I now know what I have to do to improve my fitness: swim. (As if perfecting the snatch, clean & jerk, bench press, squat, overhead squat, deadlift, double unders, burpees, running, rowing, pullups, rope climbs, kettlebells, strength, metcon, and gymnastics wasn't enough...).

The good part is that this was FUN. A new brotherhood is taking shape. Blog coming soon... 

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