Monday, January 3, 2011

Never Let Go.

This is the title of the book that I am currently reading... and THOROUGHLY enjoying. I picked it up at my parents house over the break (there was a break?) after I saw that my dad had another new book he was reading (dads have a way of knowing good books). My dad was also the one who told me my freshman year of high school that I should focus on  three lifts: the Squat, Power Clean, and Bench Press. Ahhh if only I had listened to him... But then I wouldn't have known-it-all.

The book is written by Dan John, and details his philosophy of lifting and living (as he has done much of both - more than me anyways). It is smart, witty, informational, and highly entertaining to anyone who likes to lift anything. If you are looking for an "old-school" philosophy and a no BS account of how things should be done, I highly recommend it. This guy doesn't reinvent the wheel, he takes off all the bells and whistles and makes the complicated simple. Outstanding.

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