Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping Spree

Well, I can now say that I have seen paradise... and it is in JAMAICA!

Wow what a trip! 5 nights/6 days in a place I don't have words to describe (and pictures just don't do it any justice...). I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back on it! It's going to take a couple of days to purge the Red Stripe and Pina Coladas from my system, but I can't wait to get back to training...

And as we all know, training starts with NUTRITION. Much to my dismay, our refrigerator was empty upon our return... So off to HEB to stock up on provisions... Here is the grocery list:

3 sweet potatoes, 2 tomatoes, 6 bananas, 3 red bell peppers, 3 green bell peppers, 3 cloves garlic, 3 yellow onions, 2 heads broccoli, 1 package sliced carrots, 2 packages guacamole, 1 jar sauerkraut, 1 jar pasta sauce, 2 packages turkey meatballs, 2 packages bison ground meat, 1 package beer bratwurst, 1 package sliced turkey breast cutlets, 1 package cajun andouille sausage, 1 package frozen crawfish tail meat, 1 package cajun boudin sausage, 2 jars artichoke hearts, 1 package mango pico de gallo, 2 packages fresh blackberries, 2 packages fresh blueberries, 4 fresh pink lady apples, 2 lemons, 2 packages fresh collard greens, 2 containers fresh spinach, 2 fresh haas avocados, 3 grapefruits, 4 fresh portabella mushrooms, 2 packages fresh strawberries, 2 tubs sliced turkey deli meat, 1 jar diced jalapenos, 1 quart extra virgin olive oil, 1 quart coconut oil, 1 container hummus, 2 containers pesto, 6 packets yellowfin tuna in olive oil, 1 jar Saltlick BBQ sauce, 2 jars crunchy almond butter, 4 quarts chocolate almond milk, 1 package chopped walnuts, 1 package sundried tomatoes!

Now that's a lotta food! 3, 2, 1... EAT!

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  1. I just copied this off and I'm head to the grocery store! Thanks Mike and Rebecca!YUM:)