Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Are

We are the coaches of CrossFit Central.

We are no different from you . We wake up every morning, put on our clothes, eat our breakfast and get on with our day. We love what we do. We coach. We train. We experience success and failure. We push ourselves to the limits. We fail. We try again - and again - and again - until we produce results. We sweat and fall and bleed and feel. We are a dedicated team. We are friends. We are family.

Sound familiar? That's because we are you. We have all been where you are and experienced what you are experiencing. You are no different from us... Sure your Fran times might be a bit slower and you might have a little less on the bar on a max rep day, but we have all been there. Some of us are still there.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is that we all have UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. It is inside each and every one of us. The only difference is that we have made a decision to commit to the LIFESTYLE: healthy eating (lots of it), mental determination in our workouts, and proper recovery afterwards.

However, our development goes far beyond the box... Personal development is paramount to success in life. EDUCATION: Are you a perpetual student of the world? How often do you read? What do you read? Do you listen to motivational and inspirational people? Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Susan Conrad - these people are a deep well of knowledge: they have mastered the keys to effective communication and life skills necessary for success in today's world. UTILIZE every resource you have (and you have the world and everything in it) to better yourself and those around you.

Make the commitment, take the plunge. No excuses.


  1. I like it Mike. I like it, especially the part about education. It is so true. Never stop learning.

    Keep working hard, brother.