Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hittin' PR's baby!!!

For the past two months or so my diet has been... well shady at best. I loke to consider myself 100% Paleo (my goal) but I haven't been weighing or measuring food, and I have unfortunately let cheat meals or snacks become the norm. This was highlighted when I started food logging again for the (coming up on a month now).

That being said, I have been hitting all PR's, and I have been feeling stronger and more fit than ever. I am not promoting letting mine or anyone else's diet become slack, or choosing less healthy food options over their more obvious alternatives. I am merely telling my story.

One reason I feel this is happening is that I have been crossfitting now for a year. 1 year!! This first year has given me my base of strength and conditioning. Some of you might say: 1 year just to get a "base" of strength and conditioning??" YES! 1 year.

One year of lifting and running and jumping and repeating - 1 year of soreness and stretching and yoga and crossfit and dialed in diet - to get to where I and you have a complete understanding of what it means to eat right, then eat wrong and see the difference in performance. To work out hard, and rest and repeat, and see the gains however large or small (sometimes not at all). That's what it takes to get a base.

Now I am fine tuning the diet and everything else: my olympic lifting movements, my running, my pullups, my squat -- all this is coming together to help me reach my fitness goals and make me a more proficient and effective athlete.

My body (and more importantly my mind) are able to withstand more pain and punishment than before, thereby allowing me to make solid gains and lower my times across the board. In some WOD's I have only improved by seconds (Elizabeth) and while in others I have shaved MINUTES off my time (Fran, 100 wall ball shots for time), Kelly...

I'm moving on up!!! Where are you going? Let's go!

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