Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things to come

Do the simple things. If it is important, do it every day.
Have integrity with yourself and those around you.
You are already whole complete and perfect.
Be consistent. Through consistency you will build discipline.
With discipline, hard work and sacrifice are not burdens but celebrations of things to come.
Let go of your Ego and leave your bullshit at the door.
Be authentic: the world does not need carbon copies.
Journey inwards.
Journey outwards.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

2012 Training

1. Nutrition
2. Mobility
3. Power/Strength
4. Oly Lifting
5. Metcon
6. Gymnastics
7. Skills

This is what it will take to make the 2012 Games. I am on my way. Gotta stay focused. Must have a great team by my side. The foundation has been laid.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

...When do you turn on?

As a response to myself... When do you turn on?

First thing upon opening your eyes in the morning? When you get to the gym or office? When do you get FIRED UP?!

As a person, I must admit it takes me a good 15-20 minutes in the morning to "wake up". This is at 4:45 AM and usually includes "resting with my eyes closed" for 10 minutes, getting in a hot shower, putting my clothes on... slowly and at least 1 cup of coffee... OK 5.

As a coach, the minute I get into my car in on the way to the gym it's go-time. No more fun and games -- business time! Time to put the fear of God into my athletes. Time to teach, explain, coach and push them to limits they didn't know existed. I love it. This is why I wake up.

As an athlete, as Coach Travis Holley likes to remind me, the SECOND you cross that line (imaginary line at door into the gym) get your effin' game face ON. I have that mentality 75% of the time. The other 25%, I am grab-assing, procrastinating, or not rolling out or mobilizing.

I made the realization last week that I (we as CrossFitters) complain about how sore we are and what hurts and what isn't working properly (insert sore muscle, tight this, impinged that). You know what I call that? #1stworldpains. Shut up and be grateful to have limbs that can hurt. From now on, when you cross that line into the gym, your work, or your bathroom: TURN ON.

Be unstoppable. Light a fire under your own ass and don't stop until it's done.

This is how I have felt over the past month or so... More on that next week (hint: spreadsheets and a certain "competition" going down this Saturday at the TSR).