Friday, April 8, 2011

Dominating Force

The third week of the 2011 CrossFit Games Sectionals is coming to a close this weekend, and RedBlack CrossFit currently sits in 2nd place in our region (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi). This is no surprise to the athletes that train at the RedBlack Gym. This was expected. Along with former CF Games athletes Crystal McReynolds and Whitney Welsch we also have a handful of the most talented and promising athletes in the state training out of our garage. If you haven't heard of Chardonnay Poole Brittany McKenna, Karen Pierce, Kris Kepler, David Deleon and Robert Brown, consider this your introduction.

Our project hasn't yet been running for one year, and in that year we have built the premier training facility for aspiring CrossFit Games athletes.

This is not your old-man's training program.

We are combining the best of the strength and conditioning world in one place, four days out of every week. Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastics skills, kettlebell work, metabolic conditioning, strongman lifts and carries, running, rowing and everything in between. It looks like CrossFit, and it is. But better. Through meticulous coaching, smart programming and brutally hard work and determination, our athletes are making a name for themselves and the place where they sweat and bleed.

RedBlack CrossFit is made up of the following athletes:

Men: Kris Kepler, David Deleon, Robert Brown, Nick Blasier, Mark Brazell, Firas Azrai, Brian Doyal, Clay Speckmiear, Richard White.

Women: Chardonnay Poole, Crystal McReynolds, Brittany McKenna, Whitney Welsch, Heather Reed, Jessica Estrada, Megan Parsons, Karen Pierce, Carlina Muglia, Erin Carter.

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